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Dynamic Science is the complete science. It is the science of the new age and the 3rd millennium. It incorporates the present material philosophic science with dynamic or energy level entities and thus completes the science giving a clear definition to everything in the universe including the universe itself except its origin.

We announces launching of “Cancer Prevention Awareness Asia” - One Year long awareness campaign in different Asian Countries from 4th February 2014 to 4th February 2015 with the theme - CANCER FREE WORLD THROUGH “ DYNAMIC SCIENCE ” - Introduces “Dynamic Scientific Approach” - A new methodology for cancer prevention, treatment & rehabilitation - any Government or Non-government Organizations, Institutions or Cancer Support Groups who wish to become part of the campaign, please contact: for more details.

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Cancer is a very simple ailment. We are afraid of cancer because the present science can not understand and explain how it develops. So we panic and under go wrong management. Cancer is curable, when it is within the reversible limit and if we are able to intercept the progress of the disease at proper time with proper understanding. To cure cancer we need to know about its real causes and apply right medicines, which can act curatively by destroying the root cause of the problem.

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Our mission is to cure the patients with dreadful diseases like Cancer, AIDS and other diseases and thus helps people understand the Dynamic Science and the need for maintaining the purity and harmony of mind, body and vital force (soul) for the maintenance of health.

Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat

Our Founder Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat is involved in various activities in many fields. He is an innovative and pioneering doctor and researcher and doing a historic research with introduction of a new science named “Dynamic Science”.


We do service to Humanity by introducing the new Science called Dynamic Science, which explains so many unexplained scientific facts. We create venue to prove it and we also propagate it around the world for the betterment of humanity. This also helps in giving correct understanding about the development of chronic diseases in general and Cancer in particular, its causes, management and prevention. This is a great help for humanity.

Our Founder Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat gives Seminars, Lectures and Study Classes on various topics in convenient places any where in the world. Seminars in Dynamic Science, Prevention and Management of Cancer, Medicine and Spirituality, etc. are unique, timely and historically interesting seminar topics.

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